Invitation & Programme for the Opening Ceremony of the Upton Village Hall

se also the local paper report of the event

Saturday the 8th December 1928

3 p.m.

The Chairman of the Building Committee (accompanied the Guests and Members of the Committee) will conduct Lady Arthur Grosvenor to the main entrance doors and ask her on behalf of those present to unlock them, for which purpose Mr.Hutchings, the Architect, will be asked to present her with a key.

Lady Arthur Grosvenor will then unlock the doors and declare the Building open for Public use.

Lady Arthur Grosvenor will then proceed to the platform of the Hall, followed by the Guests and Members of the Committee.

"God Save the King"

Miss June Hylton-Stewart will then be asked to present a bouquet to Lady Arthur Grosvenor.

The Honorary Secretary, Mr. F. Hewitt, will then read the letters of apology.

The Chairman will ask Rev. Wilfred Sparling, M.A. Vicar of Upton, to say a few words and pronounce a blessing on the Building.

Mrs A. Crompton will be asked to present a Souvenir Album of photographs (the gift of Mr. & Mrs. Crompton and Mr. John Crompton) to Lady Arthur Grosvenor.

The Chairman will make a short statement about the Building, referring to the inception of the scheme and calling attention to some of its salient features, with references to the Architect and Builderand the assistance received from the W.I. (cutains) and others.

Sir John M. Frost will be asked to propose a Vote of Thanks to Lady Arthur Grosvenor and Mr. A. Crompton to second it. Lady Arthiur Grosvenor will reply.

The Treasurer, Mr. W. Clayton, will be asked to give a short statement as to the financial position as regards the Building and Furnishing Fund and to appeal for further support and announce that a Whist Drive and Dance will take place in the evening.

Vote of Thanks to the Building Committee

Lady Arthur Grosvenor and the Reception Committee and Guests will then proceed to inspect the Hall.

4 p.m.(approx)

Tea will be served in the tea-room and a Musical Programme will be rendered by Mr. Harold Cotgreaves' Carlton Dance Band.

At the conclusion a paper and silver collection will be made at the door towards expenses.