Upton Heath School formerly Upton County Primary and then Upton Manor

The school was opened in 1951.

Pictured here under construction in 1950/1 and then from the air sometime before 1965.

Staff in the 1950s
back row ( l to r)
Pat Lux; Connie Brown (secretary); Phillip Guckenheim; John (Jock) Addison; Pat Lowe; Edna Tingay; Pam Butcher.
front row seated (l to r)
Violet Lowe; Joyce Cook (deputy Head); Len Hughes (Head); Marie Catchpole; Margaret Warburton (Mrs.Dodd).

Staff in 1965
from l to r
Connie Brown; Caerwyn Jones; Sylvia Kermode; Jock Addison; ?; Marie Catchpole; June Metcalf; Len Hughes; Dennis Pugh; Pat Parker
Joyce Cook behind the camera

see more about Joyce Cook and early times at Upton Manor

During the early decades the May market was an annual event - photo below shows Local celebrity & professional footballer- Paul Futcher opening a 1970s market.

Dancing round the Maypole in the 1960s

Brenda Southward recalls how each child was given 1 shilling (5p) to 'grow more money'. They made cakes and sold them or whatever enterprise appealed.

A classroom scene from Brenda Southward's days.

Another highlight of the school's year was the Christmas as Tatton held for 4 years in the late 1970's...see Joyce Cook's reminiscences and a photo of the choir